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Some places hang their values on the wall and then go about their days ignoring those values. While our values are on the wall (pretty much everywhere, BTW), they’re how we roll. We talk about them. We live them. We’re reviewed on them (three times a year!). They’re ingrained in our culture, and as Peter Drucker once wisely said, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” So, how would you like your eggs?


We strive to wow our customers through our passion for great artwork, unique decorations, on trend garments, fast turn times, reliable delivery and

Minnesota Nice customer service.


The best team wins and we love to win. We are committed to building a strong team with the same goals and we take pride in our results.


Empowerment makes ideas happen and gives every member of the team the ability to define their success and take it to the next level.


We welcome change. Remaining nimble and open minded has kept us strong

since 1984.

Continuous Improvement

We feel it is our responsibility to be leaders in our community, helping to create and shape a better place to be.


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