Who says work can't be Fun?


nimble team player


Fit to a tee


Always Down to party

Some places want you to show up for work, be quiet, and do your job. Not us.  We believe there is always a better way.  Not only do we want your ideas,

we’ll reward you for them.

I bet you have great ideas

We believe it is important to say “thank you,” so we’ve developed formal processes to do just that. In fact, it’s so important that it’s part of everyone’s reviews. It’s nice to be appreciated, and nicer to appreciate others.

Life's better at Lakeshirts

We’ll use anything as an excuse! Holidays, record sales, profit sharing, spring finally showing up, etc. are just some “reasons” for us to get together, have some incredible food, and laugh.  Ain’t no party like a Lakeshirts party!

RewardS for job well done


Hard work pays off 

One of our core values is Meritocracy, where success is determined by talents, efforts, and results. We’ve always believed that if you contribute to the company’s success, you’ll share in that success.  From the formal profit sharing program, to the opportunities inherent in a high-growth, fast moving company, Lakeshirts is a great place for those that choose to bring their best, every day. Show up. Work hard. Have fun. Repeat.


We believe it is our responsibility to be leaders in our community by giving back and making a difference. It’s common to see our involvement in the form of monetary sponsorships and donations, apparel, and employee participation. By doing so, we help create a better place to be. Annually, we’re able to give back in some way or another, to over 150 causes/organizations, throughout our community, and beyond. We’re proud that anytime there is an event, fundraiser, or other charitable cause in our community, we are one of the go-to organization for donations. Helping the place that we live, whether it is our home town or the other side of the world, is just another way for us to express our gratitude, and to reflect that “life’s better in a t-shirt!”



The company culture and atmosphere is very positive with a relaxed vibe. I love my coworkers and have made many friends. The CEOs are so kind and love their employees.

Great cafeteria, fun atmosphere, laid-back, helpful team members. Great orientation & training process + You can wear jeans &

a t-shirt to work!

The overall experience from this job has left me with great friends and a new sense of direction. The owners treat you with respect and value all the hard work their employees do. They also reward you for meeting and exceeding goals.

 I appreciate the company's support in employees being involved in their community and their constant involvement in local community projects. There is nowhere else I would rather work!

 I felt like I was on the team starting on day one. The work atmosphere is laid back, innovative and very productive.